Do you want to sell a house in a short time and make a decent profit? Thanks to a well-planned marketing strategy, it’s possible. And this is possible for those who work in real estate, as well as private owners who want to move house or must move.

The numbers you read in the title are not “random”. I sold a house in 43 days obtaining a net 28% profit, 43 days after I promoted it and 28% profit on the price paid two years ago. And I’m not talking about selling the house in a place where the cost of real estate is growing, quite the opposite. In Thailand, especially in some areas, the cost of real estate is decreasing, but we are not here to talk to the trend of the real estate market, but rather how I sold a house in Thailand in a short time and with a reasonable profit.

Ok, you’re right; for me, it may be easy because I do marketing every day since it’s my job, but it’s not that complicated. Everyone has their job, and it is in what we need to focus on providing to customers with the best service or product.

To sell a house fast, we must first do a study on the pros and cons of the property. Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers, maybe making a list.

  • Why is my house beautiful?
  • Why did I choose it when I purchased?
  • How far is it from useful services such as shops, offices?
  • Tourist attractions in the surrounding area?
  • What do I dislike most about my house?
  • Why do I want to sell?

With this list of the “plus and minus” of your home, you can get an idea of ​​the “target client”, the client willing to spend something more just to have your home, because it has those advantages that make it unique in his eyes!

If you have a house in the center, around the corner from the evening entertainment area, the department stores, and the main roads, it makes little sense to propose to a lover of tranquility, nature, and the countryside. You’ll throw away your money getting very few bids.

In the marketing world, we have analyzed how the customer who must choose between two equivalent items (two such watches, but it could be anything) will spend a little more by choosing the one that an added value. It is this added value that is the main point to focus on your marketing strategy.

After these initial analysis, now we must take action!

If you are an individual and you want to sell your house, you will not build a website; don’t worry, you do not need it! If you could sell the house in a few weeks, in the meantime, with search engines you would receive very few visits (and offers).

Facebook is mandatory! Create a page (Fan page) dedicated to your home, with beautiful photos, map, detailed description emphasizing precisely those added values you wrote in the list.

Include your property in one (or more) of the many websites for homes for sale. Not any one: one modern in graphics, readable by smartphone, and with a good “authority” on Google (for the Country where your home is).

These will be the two “destinations” for your targeted ads. Now, you have everything you need: the promotional content and the target. Back on the list of your house’s added value and list the buyer profile.

Create several advertising campaigns on Facebook optimized for:

  • increase “Likes” and “Followers” of the Facebook page of your home
  • bring traffic on your ad in the real estate directory website where you listed your house
  • add posts on the Facebook page and promote them with a sale announcement

For each campaign, use different ad solutions and monitor the results. You will find in a few days which one has a better return of investment (ROI). Don’t forget to ask the contacts you receive, where they found your listing. You’ll see that, even those who have found your number on the real estate directory website, reached through your targeted ad on Facebook.

The modern marketing techniques give us the ability to reach those looking for a house like ours. This allows us to promote with a lower investment (because targeted) and faster results.

If someone is looking for a home like yours, you will sell it simply because that’s what he wants!

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